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The Story of Suria's Cat's Enya and Findus

update: 07. Juli 2008

Warning to breeders and enthusiasts !!!
The NFO breeder Michael Bergk operates again under a new cattery name:




When I had given my kittens Findus and Enya to the "Cattery of the Sternentempel" in November 2006, I was convinced of this and in a really good mood. The owner of the Cattery, Mr Michael Bergk, already showed himself interestedly and carefully within the following weeks at his future babies before handing over. My positive impression was confirmed at his visit and my animals moved to him as future breeding animals. There was friendly contact again and again once so that I believed my animals in good hands. But not for a long time!

In spring 2007 I heard from a breeder friend that Mr Bergk Enya lamented Enya's size. Because of my call and request he shall let me know, when she does not developping well in his meaning, I would take her back, I received the answer: "No, no! Let it, she will becomes, this one becomes!"

In July 2007 Suria's Cat's Findus died mysterious, for me under not comprehensible circumstances. He had increased liver values quite suddenly appearing according to the information of Mr Bergk and got just very, very ill from now. A tumour as a possible cause was not confirmed so that it was to start out from a poisoning.
However, Findus lived in the house without going outside? After a short-time recovery his condition then becomes very ill once more and he was made sleepy after that; Assumptions over poisonous cleansers confirm and proof nothing. Could Findus really not be saved? What has happened really?
I do not know it but was the mourning greatly, it was not once a year for living Findus.

Of course I had a certain uncertainty to Enya meanwhile, too but my friend Monika Assmus of the Norwegians of Rubinian from Munich in August drove in the area Mr Bergks. She could go to Enya on this occasion instead of me, Mr. Bergk immediately gave a natural promise so that I gave her toys and sweeties for Enya on the way. I was pleased about early certainty and a couple of photos of my girl.

The refusal for this visit came very quickly and strangely directly to Monika's mailbox ....... Why? We puzzling and were surprised at his promise left by phone, I would get photos of Enya on which she can be seen together with his other cats for the certainty that she is still living with him.
No photos came but in September I got an e-mail, she was screening HCM normal, also published on his homepage under cats - Enya
Therefore defy everything, doubt goodbye.

The Cattery of the Sternentempel announced the immediate breeding stop at the 13.-16 . Decembers 2007
on the homepage .
All breeding cats and tomcats look for a new home!


Why I was not informed as a breeder of a cat living there before this publication? This way I and the other breeders concerned learned it! It wasn't hard to contact Mr Bergk by phone but he confirmed the 15.12.07 on Saturday. Though he wants to keep Enya and another cat from his group at himself ! I had a bad feeling. Whether she is still living there at all?

www. ... is wide and the world a little village....!

Enya shall already have moved out of the Cattery some time ago. How could Mr Bergk then claim to want to keep her? I waited for sure information which I received in a direct telephonic confrontation of Mr Bergk, inclusive of the phone number of the new owners.

My story with Mr Bergk has ended only half well because Findus remains dead. A communication about Enya's giving to lovers at time beginning of July 2007 would have spared me doubts and a part of my worries. Furthermore Mr Bergk could have spared excuses, to attitudes and stories made up for themselves and primarily me over half a year....... honestly lasts and the truth always goes to the light.

I hope other breeders don't have such worried experiences like this story with such Catterys.

Munich, the 29.12.2007
Ingrid Majer
Suria Cat's Norwegian Forest Cats

Quite kind gratitude to my friend Monika Assmus, supporting me at the design of the text and at the construction so creatively

update: 25. Januar 2010

Warning to breeders and enthusiasts !!!
The NFO breeder Michael Bergk operates again under a new cattery name:
Yolanda Shae Cat’s


update: 30. Mai 2010

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